Welcome to Transdoctor. Scroll down to discover how a Shift Kits can help you increase the Performance and the durability of your VR to VY Holden Commodore Automatic Transmission with 7 benefits...

Commodore Transmissions are slow to change gear and shift soft. They are calibrated like this to suit the majority of new car buyer's that prefer comfort and smoothness but not everyone's the same,some prefer Performance and don't want that mushy-shift feel! ~ and that's where we can help.


For years Transdoctor have been installing shift kits and rebuilding high- performance transmissions for street and strip use. We use a our own brand modifications that are pre-prepared to give you a shift kit that takes about - 1 Hour for Stage 1 and 2 Hours for Stage 2..




1.  Less Power lost

2.  Slippage reduced

3.  More responsive

4.  Better fuel economy  

5.  Less wear on clutches

6.  Faster shift time 0.5 sec

7.  Installed while you're waiting


Tests Transdoctor conducted before and after show amazing results...

average shift lag time is cut in half,from 1.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds...test taken on Snap-on-Tools MT-2500 live data.











Stage 1. Shift Kit ~ 2 X Firmer than stock $300+GST

Includes Free Trans service, fluid,filter and gasket.


 Stage 2. Shift Kit  ~  3 X Firmer than stock $450+GST

Includes Free Trans service, fluid,filter and gasket






















Frequently asked questions?...

What is a Shift kit?

A shift kit is modifications done to an auto transmission to make if shift faster and firmer.


Do Transdoctor Shift Kits still allow the trans to shift automatically?

Yes! ~ the trans will still shift automatically.


Are the shift kits safe for the transmission?

Yes! ~ we only raise pressure by safe and proven levels.


Do you remove the trans from the car when installing the shift kit?

No! ~ the transmission stays in car!


What Brand shift kits do you install?

We use our own brand modifications and sonnax corvette servo's.


Do your shift kits allow you to hold 1st gear at full throttle without the forced up-shift into 2nd gear?

No! ~ the computer will up-shift the transmission out of manual 1st..  

a computer re-edit can stop this from happening

but this modification can cause trans damage.   


Will the shift kit shorten the transmissions life?

No! ~ shift kits reduce wear and tear on clutches, the band and gear-sets..because these components are in motion for less time during shifting and the raised pressure helps restore lost pressure from worn valves in the valve body.


Can i manually down shift after the shift kit is installed?

No! ~We don't recommend manually down shifting at Hi-speed Auto transmissions haven't got the built in strength to cope with this style of driving for long period.

My transmission is slipping and the fluid level is full,will a shift kit fix the slipping?

It depends on what is causing the slipping...i some cases the shift kit can fix it like if it has loose valve body bolts, filter not sealing properly, leaking pressure control solenoid/ loose bracket or broken accumulator piston.. and in some cases it won't like if a clutch or band is burnt out transmission will have to come out for rebuild.


My Commodore has a Mafless tune and the shifts feel a bit firmer than stock, can you still shift kit the transmission?

Only if the pressures have been raised slightly,if it shifts feel very firm already, i wouldn't bother changing anything..but if it feels more like a stage 1 then yes our shift kit will be ok.


My car is stock standard is that still ok to get a shift kit?

Yes! ~ Commodores that are stock standard is OK.

Do you do shift kits for other cars?

No! ~ Transdoctor just do VR to VY Commodores.

Can you shift kit my transmission while it's out of the car?

Yes ~ i can..I can even check the band and clutches to see if it's worth putting in..and if it's not we can repair it while it's out.


Do i need to fit an external transmission cooler with a shift kit?

No! ~ you don't have to..it's only needed if towing,have a Hi-Stall converter or want to eliminate the chance of water going into your transmission from a cracked trans cooler in the radiator.


I've got my own shift kit and parts can you fit them?

No! ~ we only install parts we sorce ourselves,if you want us to shift kit your transmission, it's best you sell off your parts first.

















































"Excellent service, shift kit is perfect 15,000 kms in 3 months after the shift was done towing & box fluid still bright red with no more burning"....Gavin .C
 "Great services and very helpful, made my vn feel like a different car".....Andrew.S
"Amazing service, amazing product. Will highly recommend"
 "This place is awesome they done a great job on my car stage 2 shift kit and corvette servos I don't know anyone else better then this place"....Chris. L
"Had a shift kit and servo put in my worked L67 shifts are quick and 1-2 chirps are mint".....
Nathan. B
"Great service and great prices too can't complain"......
Chris. K 
"Hey trev thanks again for doing my pressure switch and service on my SS. Changes alot harder now"....Anthony.G
"Good job shift good"
Brandon. J
"Had a stage 2 shift kit, corvette servo installed along with a service and couldn't be happier with Trevs work and great customer service! Highly recommended! Will be visiting again soon for some other work"......Matt. M
"Had my vs shift kitted about 3 weeks ago life hasn't been the same thanks heaps".....
Laurie. D

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